Insult passphrase generator

Insult code by Ron Hardin.

Each entry has about 42 bits of randomness. Queries are not recorded. Randomness is probably as good as the random resource in the operating system.

You poignant sack of variolous gallinule scoria

You heartrending mortar of variolar pouched rat draff

You agonizing golf bag of venomous cisco remainders

You noisome corbeil [archit] of infective wolfhound residue

You overburdensome crib of plagued milk snake scraps

You ill-shaped vesicle of loose-moraled moa regurgitation

You desolating dosser of anemic merganser dejecta

You foul hod of harmful pronghorn scum

You nauseating cake pan of morbid chameleon salivation

You embarrassing diplomatic pouch of toxicant Cotswold evacuation